Looking to get more from your HR budget? Here are a few simple things you can do now to get more bang for your buck!

Don’t skimp on planning
In today’s under-resourced, overcommitted world, it may be tempting to rush the planning and just get it done. But despite all good intentions, moving to action without a well-thought-out plan can cause more pain than gain. Take the time to be clear about your objectives, understand the implications for your audiences, evaluate alternatives and create a targeted communication plan. You’ll be glad you did!

Remember that feedback is a gift
Do you ever catch yourself dismissing employee feedback? “They just don’t get it” or “they’ve been saying that for years.” While it’s sometimes not comfortable to hear, employee feedback is a gift that can help you get more ROI! Lack of understanding is an opportunity to educate. Complaints help you learn what’s not working. Positive feedback tells you what to do more of. So the next time you get feedback – good or bad – stop and think about how you can productively use this gift to get more from your HR investments.

Spend where it counts
While introducing the coolest new technology may be at the top of your wish list, think carefully about your return on investment. If the biggest barriers in your plan are a lack of understanding or low participation rates, will the new technology address the underlying issues? Sometimes focusing on fundamentals first can provide the biggest returns.

Do more than push information
How is it that, amidst all the every day distractions, marketing firms can get you to click, call or buy, but employers have trouble getting employees to sign up for free money in their retirement programs? Clearly marketing firms are doing something that works. And, while we don’t need to sell employees, we do need to get them to engage and take action. So it’s time to learn from our marketing friends and embrace new ways to engage employees.

Make it matter
Emotions play a huge part in our decision-making and can significantly influence our priorities and where we choose to take action. If it matters to us, we will do it. The trick is to understand why employees aren’t taking action and then find the emotional levers to overcome that barrier. It takes a little more creative thinking to present information in a way that connects with employees, but the ROI is worth it!

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